First African American Crowned Homecoming Queen at Ole Miss

Courtney Roxanne Pearson, 21, is the first African American Homecoming Queen at the University of Mississippi crowned during halftime, Satuday, October 13, 2012.

Racial barriers are being broken every day, but not so often in the South.  The infamous segregation movement that would allow black students to attend schools and universities only enabled the students to attend, not to be accepted and integrated into the spirit of the schools.

Finally, after 50 years, Courtney Roxanne Pearson is the first African American Homecoming Queen at the University of Mississippi affectionately known as Ole Miss.  Pearson, 21, is a senior English education student from Memphis, Tennessee, that won the royal post by a vote of 1,477 to 1,387, according to the Daily Mail:

‘I am still in shock, but I am definitely very excited,’ said Pearson.

The Queen, Courtney Pearson, being escorted by her dad, Commander Kerri Pearson, during halftime of Mississippi vs. Auburn.

And she should be excited after the University broke tradition for the first time in decades to not only vote for an African American student, but one that is not Greek:

‘We do have a typical tradition in that, that person is usually Greek, and that person is usually white,’ said Pearson to WDAM.

‘But, I think we’re kind of going away from that and really trying to look at what that person has done for the university, on what they’ve been involved in, what they’re grades are looking like, things like that.’

Ashleigh Davis was Pearson's opponent in the race for Homecoming Queen.

Pearson beat Ashleigh Davis, who looks like the more likely candidate and winner in past competitions.  But now that the racial barrier has been broken maybe they will rid the university of its stereotype of the university’s King and Queen and take on a different image from now on.

Read more here on both candidates and the changing of the guard at Ole Miss.

-J.C. Brooks

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