Cleveland Bus Driver Upper Cutting Female Passenger Goes Viral (Videos)

Cleveland RTA bus driver Artis Huges, 59, preparing to upper cut 25-year old Shi'dea Lane on his bus, September 18, 2012.

Over the weekend, folks all over the country were in an uproar over an incident on a local Cleveland bus that went haywire.  There was a 22- year career at stake, but once a female passenger became irate and began to hit and push the driver…well, of course, all hell broke loose!

The 25-year old female passenger, Shi’dea Lane,  is shown on a now viral cell phone video from September 18,  just a cussin’, pushin’, and maybe even spittin’ on a 59-year old male bus driver Artis Hughes, now known as “Smokin’ Joe Frasier”.  We gave him that moniker because of the vicious upper cut he delivered to Lane’s chin after she pushed him just a little too far.

Shi'dea Lane tells her side of the story to Fox 8 News.

Lane claims she was simply trying to find money for the bus when the heated exchange began.  She said in a report with Fox 8 news:

“He didn’t think I had any money to get on the bus and I was looking for it and trying to tell him I have money to get on the bus can you just let me find it.”

But when you look at the video you cannot discern how the altercation began, but you most certainly see how and who ends it.  It appears that Lane is attacking Hughes while he’s driving a Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (RTA) bus.  He repeatedly tells her to “get behind the yellow line.”  But instead, she is constantly badgering him and gets to the point where she threatens to spit on him.  You can hear him daring her to spit on him.  Whether she does or not is unclear, but the video shows her pushing him.

The video of the encounter was first posted by on Friday, October 12, after according to, the RTA officials was given the video on October 11.  After they reviewed the incident, they immediately suspended Hughes for the punch and apologized to riders saying in a statement:

“RTA saw the video posted on YouTube of the operator incident on October 11. Through the investigation, we believe the incident occurred on Sept. 18. Upon identifying the driver, he was immediately suspended and removed from duty. His behavior is absolutely unacceptable. RTA apologizes to our customers for this incident. A full investigation continues.”

Since that time, the video has gone viral with a few million views on YouTube.  In the video, Lane pushes him and obviously this is the last straw because he gets up and  tells Lane,

“You’re going to jail now.”

Then, without warning, Hughes delivers the blow of the century when he delivered an uppercut punch to Lane, who falls backward and loses her ponytail. Passengers are losing it and you can hear some yelling “That’s a female!” To which he replied:

“Wanna be a man? I’m going to treat you like a man.”

After he hit her and threw her off the bus, she tries to get back on, but he chokes her and they are in a scuffle.  Obviously, this isn’t Lane’s first go-round with such an altercation because she took that blow to the chin like a prized fighter.  Maybe, she should put her idiotic behavior to good use and try her luck in a real ring.

According to, neither of them pressed charges on the scene when Transit Police and Beachwood Police arrived.  This incident has gained controversial comments and surprisingly a lot of female commenters sided with the bus driver in believing that she got what she deserved.

Check out the full video of the incident below and judge for yourself.  Also, there’s a video of Shi’dea Lane telling her side of the story to Fox 8 news.  Read the Huffington Post report for even more updated details of the incident.

-J.C. Brooks

Full video of incident:

Shidea’s point-of-view:

One man’s comments on the incident. (Warning! explicit language)

10 thoughts on “Cleveland Bus Driver Upper Cutting Female Passenger Goes Viral (Videos)”

  1. OMG. The young lady (not really) was wrong all the way. Number one she states she was looking for change? How long does that take? She was yelling, screaming and cursing at the bus driver the entire full video. Once you put your hands on someone else everything changes. The Bus driver was defending himself against an assault. She is not the nice little girl or lady she tries to portray to the news. She has been there and done that to others. I side with the Bus driver just trying to do his job. The other video hit it right on the head as did the Bus Driver. You want to act like a man; you will get treated like a man. God Bless you all and let’s learn from this action and move on.

  2. Bottom line, she tried to “CASH A CHECK HER A$$ COULDN’T COVER” as the saying goes. It’s called “snapped” he snapped on her for the continuous abuse he endured. She was a distraction to this driver who was responsible for the many people on the bus he was driving. Had he lost control after the hit from her, he would have been responsible and both he and RTA would have been sued for damages. He took matters into his own hands after being assaulted to protect himself and his passengers. NEXT TIME GO SIT YOUR A$$ DOWN!!

  3. I have received major flack for my views regarding this topic. I am going to simply say.. OUR REACTIONS DICTATE WHO WE ARE. YES, THIS COULD HAVE BEEN HANDLED DIFFERENTLY, BUT THE YOUNG LADY CLEARY TRIED TO GET OVER ON THE BUS DRIVER INITALLY BY TRYING NOT TO PAY.. LASTLY, it takes a mature individual to walk away. Clearly, both parties involved were more concerned with “one-upping” each other and neglected to see that the incident was taking on a completely different form. I think she was wrong.. her actions lead to a reaction she had not anticipated. Hell, she harrassed him for over 5 minutes about what $1.25? “SIDDOWN” Somewhere!!!

  4. I agree that a man should never put his hands on a woman. Maybe this was the exception. Some people don’t turn the other cheek. It’s that simple. There’s a natural reaction when you put your hands on somebody, man or woman. Looks like the rules of civility went out the window (with her ponytail) when she spit on, verbally and physically assaulted the bus driver. She hit him first. Maybe he felt like his life was in danger? Self-defense with a can of whoop ass is what she got. Maybe she will think twice about her own actions and that foul mouth of hers the next time. Just saying…In retrospect, maybe the bus driver wishes he would have handled this differently.

  5. Everyone involved in this unfortunate incident was DEAD WRONG!!! All the bus driver had to do was stop the bus, call the police and have her removed from the bus. A Greyhound bus driver can have a passenger removed for cursing or yelling.

    The bus driver was trained to handle tense situations, but he obviously decided to go “thug” instead. Black folks this is unacceptable behavior.

    This driver should be fired and both the driver and the passenger should be charged with assault.

    Regarding the reaction videos, the young man and female attacker need to take their ignorant behinds back to school. This is a prime example of what is wrong with Black America. Our young folks need to uplift themselves from violence and low-life tendencies and a proper education is a good place to start. Spiritual growth can also have a positive influence on a young mind.

  6. This driver was without a doubt justified in what he did. That damn hood rat was acting like an uneducated, foul mouthed, disrepectful piece of trash! She harassed the man, spit on him, and hit him while he was driving the bus…putting everyone’s life in jeopardy had he lost control of the bus and wrecked. When he finally had enough, he pulled the bus over and knocked her ass up against the window and threw her off the bus. She deserved every bit of it! Sad thing is our society is so screwed up that he will probably get fired and she will get a lawyer and sue the bus company, even though she was the aggressor. I hope the bitch doesn’t get a penny from this incident and learned her damn lesson…keep your mouth shut before you get knocked the fuck out again!

  7. All those bastards recording this on their cell phones should be ashamed of themselves. What they should have done was called 911 to report the situation. Maybe the police could have stopped the bus before dude went Clubber Lang on her ass. Instead, they chose to record it for solely for entertainment purposes. Man, I can’t wait to show Craig ‘n’ ’em this!” One of these days somebody is going to record their public humiliation…see how they like those apples then. After he clocks the woman, then people want to jump up and get involved.

  8. I don’t condone violence from anyone plain and simple! Furthermore, women need to stop thinking that it is acceptable for them to put their hands on someone and not have to deal with any consequences. This is not some 1937 Bette Davis movie where you could slap a man and he would just turn his head to the left or right and stand there. Furthermore, it is easy for others to say that the bus driver should not have hit her or he should have turned the other cheek or whatever. It is a reflex to strike back when hit. Let’s see how you would act when a stream of phlegm is coming your way! If the bus company fires him, then they should ban her from riding the RTA. Stop the Violence and Increase the Peace!

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