Belt Collection Taken for Saggy Pants Problem in Maryland

Jerrod Mustaf heads the Take Charge Program and he's trying to stop the "sag" fad one belt at a t time.

Sagging pants is a problem for anyone looking all across the nation.  Those who think it’s a fad with swagg, we’re here to tell you it’s not.  It looks ridiculous and those who follow behind you cannot be taken seriously.

The Take Charge Program in Prince George’s County, Maryland, is tired of seeing young men shorten their opportunities with the way they wear their clothes.  Jerrod Mustaf is the executive director for the program and his organization will be “collecting new and gently used belts at 13 drop-off points in Prince George’s County,” according to the Huffington Post.

The objective is to collect enough belts to be distributed throughout the county at schools for those who think it is a better choice to “sag” rather than pull their pants up.  The fad is not a welcomed image by employers, schools and/or universities , but one greeted with disregard and disrespect.  Mustaf is making an attempt to make the collection of belts a teaching moment that young people can grow and learn from:

“When we look at positive role models in our community, you don’t see any positive men dressing like this,” Mr. Mustaf said. “That should tell you something.”

Mustaf has been diligently repairing his own reputation as he battled to distance himself from the wrongful death lawsuit brought upon him in 1993 when his pregnant girlfriend was murdered.  The former University of Maryland basketball star who played for the New York Knicks and the Phoenix Suns, settled the lawsuit in 1998.

But rather than give an enthusiastic hand up for the program , the county’s public system semi-snubbed their noses at the program’s efforts.  Briant Coleman, a spokesman for the county’s public school system, said he doesn’t think sagging pants are “an issue in our schools” because of the dress code.

“It’s not widespread,” Mr. Coleman said. If a student’s pants are dropping too low, “we tell them to pull them up.”

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-J.C. Brooks

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