Jean Claude Brizard Out as Chicago Public Schools Chief

Jean Claude Brizard and Rahm Emanuel mutually decide it is time Brizard steps down as CEO of Chicago Public Schools, Thursday, October 11, 2012.

Chicago teachers came, they saw, and they conquered.  Now everything isn’t completely fixed, but they are moving in the direction of progress.  Their forward movement may have sparked a lot more than negotiations over contracts.  It appears that there was one last upheaval that needed to be made.

Jean Claude Brizard was the CEO over Chicago’s Public School system until Thursday, when he announced that he would be stepping down.  According to Brizard, he felt that his presence was a major distraction in the new function of the public schools and was willing to move aside to help them achieve their goals, according to the Chicago Tribune.  Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s spokeswoman Sarah Hamilton said:

“J.C. spoke with (School Board President) David Vitale and the mayor, and said ‘I’m becoming a distraction. This is becoming more about me than it is about our mission to help the kids.'”

The decision was a mutual decision between the mayor and Brizard.  When he heard rumors via the Tribune that the Mayor wasn’t happy with his performance, he brought the option of resignation to the mayor:

“I think perhaps there were issues; I call it a marriage that was perhaps imperfect,’’ said Brizard. “My style and personality is maybe not what the mayor wants.’’

Well, the divorce is final and Brizard will be permanently replaced by the school system’s chief education officer.  Brizard served in the position as CEO for a brief 17 months.

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-J.C. Brooks

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