Bounce TV’s First Year a Success with African American Viewers

When Black Entertainment Television hit the cable channel line-up, it was the first of its kind, but there was only music videos available.  Then TVOne came along and they benefited from BET’s growth by watching what they offered and taking off from there.

Now there’s another African American cable network called Bounce TV that launched Sept. 26, 2011, and it has already garnered 80 percent of African American viewership, according to Baltimore’s Afro American Newspaper. The network has to pay homage to the other channels that came before it because they have been able to amass a great deal of knowledge from what they have offered.

Some of the offerings from the network are as follows:

“Bounce TV targets African Americans primarily between the ages of 25-54 with a programming mix of theatrical motion pictures, live sports, documentaries, specials, inspirational faith-based programs, off-net series and now original series. Live sports and events are part of the Bounce TV schedule, including both football and basketball games from the nation’s largest African American athletic conference, the Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association (CIAA.)”

Myself, I go to Bounce partake in episodes of Fat Albert in the evening as well as a little Foxy Brown, Willie Dynamite, and Soul Train.   Check out the rest of the report because Bounce may not have reached your area just yet.  Bounce broadcasts in most major cities and its a majority African American-owned and  Toyota USA is the signature sponsor of the network.

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4 thoughts on “Bounce TV’s First Year a Success with African American Viewers”

  1. Never heard of this. Thanks for the information. I will have to look for it.

  2. Bounce tv is an over the air FREE broadcast network. not a cable channel but am glad to see its going strong.

  3. I love the bounce its free on local digital channels
    you don’t even have to have cable .I love bounce beats ,off the
    chain i would also love it if they start to air black dramas
    and soap opera for black people how about turning some AA books into
    tv shows.

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