Police Presence So Low in Detroit, Police Say ‘Enter At Your Own Risk’

Detroit police are under fire ... literally.

Detroit is entering a state of emergency with crime and homicides rivaling those of a town in the forging of the West.  The city’s crime rates have gotten so out of control that it appears there’s an unspoken evacuation of the city.

Now that the police department is so understaffed, underpaid, and overworked, they are leaving with the residents.  But those that have decided to ride it out just put visitors on alert with the “Enter At Your Own Risk” rally that was held Saturday in front of Comerica Park. The point of the gathering was to make the public aware of the dismal conditions in law enforcement for the city.  But it’s also telling people to change their travel plans because martial law appears to be in effect.

Contrary to popular belief the police officers have become fearful of their lives, according to CBS Detroit.  They have been complaining, but now at a time when the chief of police is embroiled in a sex scandal, there may be little remedied in the rest of the department.  The police department lacks basic things like …officers!  Detroit Police Officer Association attorney Donato Lorio explained:

“By denying police officers the appropriate manpower, there’s a manpower crisis right now, there’s 1,000 fewer police officers today than there was 10 years ago, yet the homicide rate is higher. There’s more crime now than before, so if anything you need more officers, not fewer officers.”

The city’s residents are waiting for a reprieve, but so far no one is coming to the rescue.

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-J.C. Brooks

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