Former Lingerie Model Fired from Job as Teacher Because of Past Photos

Tiffani Webb, 37, was fired from her position at a New York high school after pictures from her life as a former lingerie model were discovered online.

Do you think your child can get good advice from a former porn star?  How about a former stripper?  What about a cheerleader?  Are you seeing a theme here?  Some might think that people in these professions may not be able to properly govern themselves, much less advise someone else.

While some teachers have been fired for the professions above, Tiffani Webb, 37, has been fired from her job as a “highly regarded” guidance counselor at a New York high school for being a former lingerie model.  Pictures were discovered of her online but the pictures that were taken of her in lingerie and swimsuits were taken 17 years ago. She has been forced to change her name and take a job in New Jersey because of this humiliating termination, according to the Huffington Post.

There is nothing wrong with what she did and she is fighting back.  She wants her job back, but she also wants back pay and punitive damages for being wrongfully terminated.  She also claims sex discrimination.

Webb, is really Dr. Webb.  She holds a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, and wrote for The Black Urban times.  The Huffington Post report states:

“[I] want to make the business easier to navigate for young, black women who don’t really have an understanding of the business and fall into the trap of doing things they don’t want to do for money,” she wrote. “Girls, you don’t have to shake your butt in a video to be a model…Know your limits before you step foot into this world. We all make mistakes but the best lesson is to not make it twice.”

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4 thoughts on “Former Lingerie Model Fired from Job as Teacher Because of Past Photos”

  1. Acho estremante grotesco , sem escrupulos um diregente de uma escola ou faculadade despedir alguem por uma foto ou um filme do passado idependente se é de lingerie ou não ,passado é passado e não interfere em nada o profissional professor ,lamentavel

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