Affirmative Action to be Challenged at University of Texas (Video)

Here we go again! We’re trying to figure out whether race and gender is indeed a factor in the advantages provided in America and is it hindering or helping the individuals it aims to support.  The short answer is HELL YES!  You know and I know that the racial issues in America are not waning, but are heightening by the minute, especially as we head into the presidential elections.

The University of Texas is preparing to lead the pack on the issue of affirmative action.  The Supreme Court will be examining the school’s admission policies and if its necessary that they include affirmative action, according to the Huffington Post.  The university caught a little trouble with one of its students back in 2008, because she wasn’t admitted automatically.  She sued the university.  But, what some do not realize is that affirmative action programs also include gender, and women benefit as well. But while affirmative action does exist, it still does not champion the opportunities for minorities and women once these groups enter the workforce unless those employers also use what is often packaged as a “civil rights initiative.”

According to the report:

“The Obama administration, 57 of the Fortune 100 companies and large numbers of public and private colleges that could be affected by the outcome are backing the Texas program. Among the benefits of affirmative action, the administration argues, is that it creates a pipeline for a diverse officer corps that it called “essential to the military’s operational readiness.” In 2003, the court cited the importance of a similar message from military leaders.”

Many thought that after Obama was elected that we had entered a post racial society.  But unfortunately, the issue of race has been heightened and many worry if they will be left out in the cold if the ruling at the University of Texas goes south on affirmative action.  The ruling will set a precedence for all other universities that utilize the program for diversity at their schools.

While many teeter totter on the issue of affirmative action, many more are quite clear that they do not see its necessity and want to see it disappear and two of those are supreme court justices.  Justice Samuel Alito replaced Sandra Day O’Connor when she retired and he is described as “highly skeptical of any use of racial preference.”  Justice Anthony Kennedy also has never voted in favor of racial preference issues.

Read more here and listen to some of the points made on behalf of the controversial program.

-J.C. Brooks

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