New Orleans’ Attorney Drops Joint in the Middle of Court

Assistant New Orleans AttornddyJason Cantrell, 43, busted with marijua while in magistrate cou

Some people pride themselves on being a functional alcoholic or drug user.  They take a sip, smoke and/or sniff during lunch and go right back to work.  Some may get a hit right at their desk, but how about during court?

Jason Cantrell, 43, is, oops! was, an assistant city attorney for New Orleans when he made the mistake of coming to work with his drug of choice…a joint.  He showed up to magistrate court to perform his normal duties and stopped to have a chat with officers.  But mid-conversation, a joint popped out of Cantrell’s pocket and on to the floor. Is he outside his rabbit ass mind?! What kind of fraggle nackle bullshiggidy!  Who does that?

Cantrell was immediately served, but he wasn’t half as worried about the judge as his wife.  LaToya Cantrell is running for New Orleans City Council and he embarrassed her and may have fractured her campaign. New York Daily News reported:

“I absolutely do not condone his actions.”

Wow! Ya think?!  Read more here.

2 thoughts on “New Orleans’ Attorney Drops Joint in the Middle of Court”

  1. Excuse me!
    Rabbit is a bunny, an animal, a noun.
    Rabid is an adjective and implies uncontrollable.
    What the hell kinda dysfunctional journalist wrote this? Damn.

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