Bizarro World News: Doctors Remove Four Pound Hairball from Teen (Video)

The four-pound hairball taken from a 19-year-old's small intestine.

There are all kinds of fetishes and we’ve heard of those where folks have a taste for chalk, dirt, starch, styrofoam and other unhealthy items.  But one that is just as peculiar as the others, but is less prevalent is hair.

A teenage girl in India loved to eat hair.  (Sounds like a children’s book, right?)  Well, the 19-year-old girl went to Maharaja Yeshwantrao Hospital in Indore in August, complaining s that she couldn’t eat or drink anything.  But, what she didn’t know and what would shock doctors is not a tumor or infection, but a four-pound hairball that had accumulated in her small intestine.

Crazy enough, the report found that a Chicago teen had a 10-pound hairball removed in 2007.

Check it out!

-J.C. Brooks

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