Skateboarder Gets Hit by Deer During Race (Video)

A skateboarder races down a mountain only to end up in competition with a deer.

It’s a regular occurrence when people hit deer with their cars, but depending on how they collide, everyone comes out unscathed.  The car is banged up, but the person is fine.  But let’s say you were on a skateboard going downhill.

A major race for skateboarders occurs on Lookout Mountain Road during the Buffalo Bill Downhill race in Colorado.  The race was a little more interesting when others, without a skateboard, decided to participate.  The skateboarders were preparing to fly and just when they extended their arms into the air and lean into it, a deer came to show them that they did not know speed.One skateboarder came in immediate competition with the deer. It’s almost as if the deer was a plant for someone in the competition.  One of the skateboarders had on a helmet cam and caught the whole ordeal on tape.

As the two collide, it looks like the skateboarder is going to get on his back, but nothing could be further from the truth.  The deer and the skateboarder took a terrible tumble into the woods.  It looks like they hit a tree.  While it looks like the skateboarder will be in the hospital for months, local NBC affiliate channel 5, reported that they were both fine, but the skateboarder suffered some “serious scrapes.”

Check it out! Unbelievable!

-J.C. Brooks

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