Marijuana Smokers Are Better Drivers than Drinkers?

The headline of this story sounds irresponsible in itself, but there’s studies out there that are trying to see if it’s better to get in the car with a weed head or a lush.  Why would money and time be spent to weigh such a thing?

According to Loop 21, in April,, did a study titled “Reasons Why Marijuana Users Are Safe Drivers” that proved:

  • High drivers drive more slowly.
  • High drivers tend not to swerve; and (perhaps most telling)
  • High people tend to enjoy their buzz in their homes and stay off the road to begin with.

What?  Does anyone know if this is true?  CEO of said:

“Marijuana users often say that when they are high, they feel like they are driving 80 miles per hour but actually are only going 30 miles per hour,” CEO James Shaffer said in a statement. “When somebody is drunk driving, on the other hand, they often feel like they are driving 30 miles per hour but are actually driving 80 miles per hour.”

Now how many of you just jumped up and said, “That is so true!”  You better stop hanging with the wrong crowd because we know you aren’t drinking or smoking and driving.

The report goes even deeper to a study done in Germany in November 2011, titled Medical Marijuana Laws, Traffic Fatalities, And Alcohol Consumption,” that identified and explained why marijuana users have a different depth perception.  The research found that smoking marijuana does not increase the chances of a car accident even though hand-eye coordination is compromised:

“Drivers under the influence of marijuana reduce their velocity, avoid risky maneuvers, and increase their following distances, suggesting compensatory behavior,” the study claims.

Wow! But you heard our warning, right?

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