72-Year Old Bronx Man Jumps From Third Floor Window During Fire (Video)

Ronnie Poe, 72, jumps out of his third floor bedroom window as his apartment was engulfed in flames.

In most cases, we have no clue of what we would do when faced with an emergency.  That’s why we are eager to call someone a hero when they rise to the occasion.  But one man was his own hero when he jumped up and saved his own life.

Ronnie Poe, 72, of the Bronx, was getting ready to enjoy a meal when he somehow ignited something in the kitchen and the apartment became engulfed in flames.  Poe immediately reached back to his training from the military as a paratrooper and ran for a window in his bedroom.  It was the only possible exit.

Ronnie Poe, 72, dangles from third floor window while neighbors wait below to catch him.

“I saw the flames going up the curtains, so I opened the door, but  I shouldn’t have done that and the flames went BAM! And  I said ‘Oh Lord!'”

The next thing he did was run into his bedroom.  He shut the door and went out the only exit available…the window.  Luckily for him, his neighbors were waiting below to catch him.  He only suffered a bruised heel during the ordeal.

Check it out!

-J.C. Brooks

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