David Letterman Instructs Late Show Audience: ‘Don’t Vote for Romney’ (Video)

David Letterman is known for raking his guests and potential guests across the coals to get a rise out of them and a laugh out of his audience.  But, this time it seems that someone is dissin’ him and ignoring Letterman’s attempts to get him on the show.

According to Letterman, Mitt Romney has been ignoring his requests to have him on his show.  And in typical David Letterman style, he is instigating a riff n appearance by agitating the republican presidential nominee by telling his audience:

“The current president, President Obama, was on the show last week.  The challenger, Mitch Romney, has not been on the show…. He’s got 39 days! Now I don’t wanna persuade anybody unnecessarily, but if he’s not here in 39 days, don’t vote for him!”

And he keeps it going! That Letterman knows how to be an agitator.  He goes on to say:

“The Romney people have done a first rate job of snubbing us. Now look, I wanna tell you somethin’. We just make fun of everybody, that’s the whole deal.  And it just happens that Mitch is funnier than Obama…. Now what I’m gettin’ a whiff of here is they’re scared.  Let me rephrase that, what I”m getting a whiff of here is that he’s yellow.  Why won’t he come on?  You’re telling me this guy expects to sit in the oval office in the white house and…remember when he said the first thing he was going to do when he gets into office was put China in their place.  But yet he’ll do that, but he won’t come and talk to me.  He has no problem taking on China….”

Letterman is the ultimate instigator.  But it appears that the message to not vote for Romney is going to work much better than getting “Mitch” on the show.  And you know the ribbing didn’t end there.  It is a requirement that he makes a Top 10 list for his targets.   He ended his remarks with the “Top Ten Reasons Mitt Romney Should Appear on the Late Show.”

Check him out!

-J.C. Brooks

5 thoughts on “David Letterman Instructs Late Show Audience: ‘Don’t Vote for Romney’ (Video)”

  1. Letterman has crossed the line – again! Who the hell is he to tell us not to vote for Romney, who he continues to insult deliberately. Viewerws are dropping like flies – Dave, you don’t have as much influence as you think – time to leave, you self-centered bigot!

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