Boston Chemist Botched Drug Tests for Thousands

Annie Dookhan, 34, faked drug test results and botched other paperwork for the state of Massachusetts in drug trials that put many behind bars, but now finds herself jailed.

Do you know anyone that may be locked up in Boston or anywhere in Massachusetts?  What are they in jail for?  If it’s drugs, you may be seeing them sooner than what you thought.

A lot of alleged criminals were released over the weekend as the state of Massachusetts discovered that more than 60,000 drug tests performed by chemist Annie Dookhan, 34, at state police lab,  Hinton State Laboratory Institute, showed that Dookhan was “faking drug test results, forging paperwork and mixing samples.”  Now these findings have cast a shadow of doubt over 34,000 defendants’ cases and slowly but surely they are being released from prison, according to the Daily Mail.

Dookhan will be going in as those she has managed to have convicted on drug charges are coming out.   She’s been with two counts of obstruction of justice, lying under oath about having a master’s degree in chemistry from the University of Massachusetts.  The obstruction charge is for lying about the integrity of two drug tests she performed in the lab, but it is normally in the form of witness intimidation and will get her a maximum of 10 years.

Governor Deval Patrick is going to see to it that not only Dookhan goes down for this, but those supervisors that were alerted by her co-workers that she had shoddy work yet did nothing, will be held accountable.  Some of the examples of things co-workers and supervisors noticed about Dookhan were:

“One co-worker told state police he never saw Dookhan in front of a microscope.

A lab employee saw Dookhan weighing drug samples without doing a balance check on her scale.

In 2010, a supervisor did an audit of Dookhan’s paperwork, but didn’t retest any of her samples. The audit found nothing wrong.

The same year, a chemist found seven instances where Dookhan incorrectly identified a drug sample as a certain narcotic when it was something else.”

So far, more than a dozen drug defendants have been released because of Dookhan’s actions.

Now, why do you think all of Dookhan’s actions flew under the radar or without the slightest penalty or check?  Do you think she was a plant?  How about it was simply assumed she knew what she was doing based on…………?  We’ll let you answer.

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-J.C. Brooks

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