Former FEMA Director Criticizes President for Quick Response to ‘Sandy’

Former FEMA director Michael Brown, stands left of former President Bush. He was told he was doing a "hell-of-a job" by the former president as New Orleans and its residents waited a week to be rescued.

We are laughing so loud over here it’s a wonder you’re not reporting us to your landlord.  Sorry! But we just cannot help it!  The GOP is so funny that we are going to start a petition or consult the Kings of Comedy producer to get them a nationwide tour as soon as possible.  Wait a minute! They’ve already been traveling their comedy show.  It’s called the “Mitt Romney Campaign”.  Catchy!

Anyway, now who in the hell let Michael Brown out during a natural catastrophe.  Someone let the former fired Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) director out and gave him air time to criticize the President for responding too quickly to the storm.  Can you believe it? If I were Michael Brown, I’d stay under the rock I’ve been living under since he directed the Hurricane Katrina rescue that was a bigger catastrophe than the storm. Continue reading

Jokey Joke: Woman Upset that Deer Crossing Signs Give Deer Right-of-Way

T-shirts are now available to support, Donna of Fargo, North Dakota, in her quest to get those darn deer crossing signs removed.

If America had a random state administered IQ test in North Dakota, one woman would bring the Guinness Book of World Records out of the woodwork. They wouldn’t know whether to give her the gold for the most confused or lowest IQ on record for an allegedly mentally stable person.

Originally, I was going to say that this woman’s GED needs to be confirmed, but it’s clear that she couldn’t have possibly passed that test.  A woman named Donna of Fargo, North Dakota, called Y94 Playhouse radio station to see if they could help her to get rid of deer crossing signs in her area and have them moved Continue reading

Octomom Checks Into Rehab

TMZ captures Nadya Suleman headed off to Chapman House Drug Rehabilitation Center last week.

The Octomom is at it again.  What next with this chick?  With all the children she’s birthed and is caring for, the porn career she’s started, the bankruptcy and public financial battle (on Oprah with Suze Orman), wouldn’t you think she would be tired?

OF COURSE! SHE’S EXHAUSTED!  The Octomom, formally known as, Nadya Suleman, was under the impression that it would be a piece of cake running a household of 14 children and infants.  But, she was banking on all the media attention she would get and of course a windfall of money that never came.  Now she’s entering a rehab to rid herself of her addiction to Xanax Continue reading

Voter ID Laws Still Causing Problems at the Polls

The sides are so close for our President and that other guy, that many have taken advantage of the early voting.  One commentator said that due to early voting  we’re not having an “election day, this is election month.”  But some are still being prevented from voting due to false and misleading information.  We’re already sitting on pins and needles worrying about those who are in areas where polling places and homes have been destroyed.  Now, there are a lot more factors that will be changing the election day turnout.

The Voter ID laws that have been passed in Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas and Wisconsin are being ignored and/or confused by the very people that are supposed to be able to effectively direct voters into one of the most important moments of their life…voting.  A writer, Dallas Morning News columnist Wayne Slater went to a polling place to vote over the weekend and attempted to use his utility bill as his ID, which is on the list as an acceptable form of ID.  The poll worker, supposedly unwittingly, told him that he must show her his driver’s license Continue reading

Chicago Rapper Lil’ Reese Exposed on Video Beating His Girlfriend (Video)

An unidentified young woman surrounded by Lil Reese and a friend that eggs on a fight between them.

When Chris Brown and Rihanna clashed in 2009, and the incident went around the world, you would think that it was condemned wholeheartedly by the people of that age group. But instead, that incident on top of the already violent climate between teenagers did nothing but get worse.

A video of a Chicago rapper called Lil’ Reese, beating his girlfriend went viral last week after being leaked by an unknown source to Worldstar Hip Hop.  The 19-year old Def Jam recording artist appeared to be leaving his girlfriend’s house when the savage beating occurred, according to The Grio. Continue reading

As Sandy Approaches, Remember Hurricane Romney Doesn’t Want to Keep FEMA (Video)

Mitt Romney telling the American people that we need to abandon federal disaster relief programs and his opponent, Ron Paul, looks worried for him.

Hurricane Sandy has the entire East Coast running scared and preparing for the most treacherous storm in 20 years.  But the real storm is coming November 6, when the country runs out into the streets and into structures called “polling places” to take cover and show off their political prowess for picking the best candidate for President of the United States (Obama).

But it was just a moment ago (in campaign time) that Mitt Romney, stood with other presidential candidate hopefuls like Herman Cain and spoke out to the world that the “federal disaster agencies” should be shut down and the responsibility sent back to the state. Continue reading

Shaq Gives the Ugliest, Most Awfulest Prince Impression Ever (Video)

Shaq challenges Michael Strahan to a karaoke Prince.

Kelly & Michael–formerly Regis & Kelly–like to have as much fun as Kelly and Regis once had.  Now they’ve brought in Michael Strahan as the new co-host and it appears he’s brought some trouble with him.

Shaquille O’Neal, affectionately called Shaq, had issued a karaoke sing-off between himself and Michael Strahan and decided to bring his showdown to the show.  Michael seemed to have it all under control until……..SHAQ ENTERED THE ROOM AS HIS PURPLE BADNESS…THAT’S RIGHT! PRINCE!   Continue reading

Huge Cockroach Runs All Over Reporter During Segment (Video)

Robert Kovacik reports the news from West Los Angeles as a roach takes a sprint around his shoulders.

If you’re squeamish about things like bugs, this is not the story for you.  In fact, if you don’t like cockroaches or insects of any kind, this isn’t for you.  For a lot of us, the video will make your skin crawl.

And it’s weird to watch because you wonder, “How does he not know?!”  NBC4 reporter Robert Kovacik was in West Los Angeles, reporting on a Charles Manson development when all of a sudden a huge cockroach scurries up his arm and dashes around his shoulders trying to be seen on the evening news.   Continue reading