Detroit Boy Abducted from Elementary School Possibly Faked

Children are being abducted every day all over the world.  Some of them have been taken from stores, their homes, on their way to school, but now we’re hearing that a child was abducted from a school.

On Wednesday, Sept. 12, a 13-year-old Detroit boy told authorities and school officials that he had been abducted from his school, Wayne Elementary School on Courville Street.  He saw two men knocking on the door of his school and he opened the locked door for them.  But, what happened next is unthinkable.  The boy was snatched by the two men and taken to an abandoned house near the school and raped.

A neighbor found the boy wandering out into the street with no pants on, his face bloodied, and his hands tied behind his back.  But the even more unthinkable happened from there…the boy may have lied about the whole thing.  According to the Examiner, reports surfaced that contradicted the boy’s allegations:

“A doctor who examined him at St. Johns Hospital found no evidence of a sexual assault and police sources have said the boy’s story keeps changing. Police and school officials do not believe the boy was abducted and that he left of his own volition.”

Who would believe that a child would make up a story so heinous?  According to the Detroit Free Press, neighbors that were interviewed saw the boy’s face bloodied and his pants missing.  Resident Lawrence Snider, said the boy  “was at the school on Courville, near I-94 and Whittier, when someone rang a doorbell or knocked at a door.”  He only described the two men to Snider as a black man and a white man.

Also, the Huffington Post reported that Snider said:

Lawrence Snider, 42, said he saw the boy “wobbling” down the street about 2 p.m. Wednesday not far from the school.

“He didn’t have on any shoes. He was in his underwear with his school uniform shirt on,” Snider said. “I asked the little boy what happened and he said he had just got raped.”

The report also stated that the child’s  mother was interviewed and told reporters that the hospital discharge papers “say he was sexually assaulted”  and shots were administered to the child for sexually transmitted diseases.

Then, two of the boy’s aunts said that the boy has had “behavioral” issues at the school.  He was recently transferred to the school from another school.

Read more on this unbelievable story here. Who’s telling the truth?

-J.C. Brooks

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