Third Grade Teacher Suspended for Teaching While High

Have you ever had a teacher that you thought was more interesting than the others?  Or maybe you had that teacher that was mean to you and your classmates and you can’t stop telling stories of her erratic behavior.  Well, a whole new generation of elementary school students will have some crazy memories of their own.

The community of Lake County, Florida, has been shaken by the revelation of third grade teacher, Elizabeth Edmonds, 30, teaching her class at Treadway Elementary while high on marijuana and opiates (heroin, codeine, morphine, vicodin).  Parents are now backtracking all the problems their children have had throughout the school year.  How can they be certain that their child is a bad ass kid now?  The child could’ve been acting up because the teacher was high and actin’ a fool!

Well, Edmonds was on some heavy trip because other teachers ratted her out because she was breakdancing during an English lesson.  Just kidding! But, the Huffington Post described it as “erratic” behavior.  That could mean anything. Whatever she was doing, they made her get out of the classroom and take a drug test which showed that she had been smokin’ weed at lunch time and maybe poppin a vicodin or something.  Who knows?

Keith Douglas is a grandparent whose family yanked his grandson out of her classroom because the boy was having problems with Edmonds.

To think that when my grandson was in her class, that she was may be high on these drugs, you never know what could happen,’ said Douglas.

Don’t any of you other parents get the bright idea to start blaming your kid’s bad ass antics on the high teacher.

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-J.C. Brooks

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