Woman Pees and Showers on NYC Subway (Video)

Unidentified woman on NYC subway warns her friend that she has to "pee", then relieves herself.

Of all the nasty, ridiculous, mentally unstable, incidents we’ve reported on the EUR This ‘N That, this story you’re about to read and ACTUALLY SEE, takes the cake!  We’ve never seen any kind of backwards, bamma type stuff like this before.  And for those of you with a love affair with New York, but don’t live there, this one’s for you.

According to the Daily Mail, Worldstar Hip Hop placed this video on their site September 20, of a woman taking a sort of shower (that my grandmother would call a ‘hooker’s bath’) after she urinates on herself IN THE MIDDLE OF A NEW YORK CITY SUBWAY CAR.  Onlookers are hardly phased, but a couple people just get up and move away from her because of all the pee, soap, and water that’s being flung on them during this mentally unstable chick’s ritual.

Then she proceeds to shower with a gallon of water, body wash, and sponge in the middle of the NYC SUBWAY CAR.

Now she claims to be meeting friends or something and she can’t go out there all “stinky.”  But, how on God’s green Earth did she think she was going to remove the stink by bathing OVER her clothes?  After she slightly crouches trying to hold back the flood gates, she pees on the floor then she pulls out a makeshift shower.  Now, in my opinion, this was planned.  Who carries around a gallon of water, sponge, soap, bathrobe and slippers, just in case they need to shower in public?  C’MON SON!!! Get outta here with this bamma fraggle nackle bull shiggidy!

This chick is NUTS! And so is her girlfriend that assisted her throughout the entire time.  She acted as though this was normal behavior and even through powder on herself after her whack job of a friend finished bathing.  I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again, I WISH….I WAS MAKING THIS STUFF UP!

Check her out!

-J.C. Brooks

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