Opera Singer Changes His Life with His Voice (Video)

We’ve been privy to very powerful, bellowing voices like Paul Robeson, James Earl Jones, and Avery Brooks to name a few.  But even of those three, we have never heard such a voice as the newcomer you are about to meet.

Soloman Howard, 31, is a Washington, D.C. native that is making his mark in the opera world.  He started his journey with one of the best choirs in the world at Morgan State University and now he is performing in a revival of “Don Giovanni” at the Kennedy Center.  But, his life has not always been glitter and gold. Howard was interviewed by D.C.’s local NBC channel 4 where he explained his life on the streets of Southeast D.C. and his early, sometimes harsh,  life lessons as the eldest of seven children.

Soloman Howard, 31, performing (with sword in hand) in a revival of "Don Giovanni" at Washington, D.C's Kennedy Center.

“I grew up in rough neighborhoods…witnessed my first murder when I was about seven…We stayed with families, sometimes walked the streets until we could find something.  We ate off the food truck….I believe a lot of these experiences have made me stronger.”

He was given a full scholarship to travel the world singing in Morgan’s choir and from there his career in music skyrocketed.  But he credits his upbringing in the church with his success:

“Most of my experiences was in the church and most of my opportunities have come through sacred music. So it was like the church that helped me to get where I am today.”

Wait until you hear his voice.  Phenomenal.  Meet Mr. Soloman Howard! Bravo!

-J.C. Brooks

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