White Mothers Adoption of Black Babies is Growing

Madonna with her adopted daughter Mercy James.

The adoption agencies all over the world are overflowing with babies that want and need to be adopted.   There isn’t a shortage of any culture in adoption agencies either.  They are brimming with children from every land and background.  But, it seems that there has been a trend in some children over others.

Essence magazine recently wrote an article “White Mama, Black Baby” by Kemba J. Dunham.  The article focuses on the growing list of celebrity white women that have adopted black children. Charlize Theron, Sandra Bullock, and of course Angelina Jolie are among many others that have adopted black children.  The common questions arise:

What do they have in common?  Are white women adopting black children as a part of a trend?  Can they offer a black child what they need? If black families aren’t adopting the black children, should they have a concern about those that are?

The controversial adoption is referred to as “transracial adoption.” (I can’t believe there’s some clinical term for it, but ok.) And yet another unsolved mystery that is asked in the article is “Does the parent realize that a postracial America is an illusion?”  Did you know that the National Association of Black Social Workers (NABSW) is “vehemently opposed” to transracial adoptions.  But they recently changed their position to:

“We’re not saying transracial adoption is totally out of consideration,” says Toni Oliver, NABSW vice-president. “Our position is about preserving Black families.”

How do you feel about this issue?  Does it matter who is adopting black children when there are so many of our children that are NOT being adopted? In the article, there are stories from black adults that were adopted by white couples and they tell their complicated stories.

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-J.C. Brooks

3 thoughts on “White Mothers Adoption of Black Babies is Growing”

  1. To answer your question, read what those adopted transracially have to say baout it. Read books by Jane Joeng Trenka for starters.

    It is clear you are writing about a subject you know nothing about since you never even heard the terms inter-racial or trans-racial adoption.

    Not knowing, you make an absurd assumotion that adoption agencies are warehouses overloaded with children to adop.! Did you perhaps mean orhanges? Still not true. 90% of the childrne in orphanages worldwide have family. They are not orphand and cannot or should not be adopted. As was the case with the two chidlren adoptd by Madonna, families in much of the world use orphanges as we use boarding shcools: to provide education. They also use them to provide food and medical care all of which they cannot otherwise afford, but they do not intend for their chidlrne to be adopted.

    Proof of the fact that neither adoption agencies or orphanges are brimming with kids, chidlren are stolen, kidnapped and trafficked for adoption in Central and South america, all over Asia and Africa.

  2. Adoption, as it is practiced, is nothing more than human trafficking. People purchase children to fulfill their needs to have a “forever child”. Meanwhile, in 3rd World countries, corrupt baby pimps steal children and claim they were “abandoned on the side of the road” then sell them to adoption agencies where the children are “laundered” and sold to Americans. It is a well-known fact that drug rings are now switching to human trafficking as the profits are much higher. So, the ignorant infertiles buy babies and really don’t care about their original families, or even the child’s original name. It’s all about turning cash and someone else’s baby into a “forever child”.

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