New Study Finds African Americans Undisciplined and Addicted to Soul Food?

The human body is a mysterious, resilient shell that is in a constant state of time-delayed metamorphosis throughout our lives.  So, as researchers and scientists race to figure out what they will never know completely about the  body, we are subject to a constant barrage of studies and/or reports on our health….our ever-changing health.

Now a study on obesity and hypertension that was performed by the Duke University Medical Center and printed  in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has concluded that African Americans are incapable of sticking to the DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) diet program. Apparently, out of the 144 randomly selected participants, the African Americans in the study were not able to stick to the diet to cause any weight loss or control their blood pressure.  Those that adhered to the diet as well as exercise and counseling program lost 19 pounds.

The study claimed that the only factor different from the others in the study was cultural.  But the report also found that Caucasians and African Americans in Alabama that partake in “soul food” are quite possibly addicted to the salty/sugary cuisine.  C’MON SON!  What are you saying, Duke?  Black women and men are adhering to all types of diets and exercise programs.  Zumba wouldn’t have been so popularized throughout America if it weren’t for black women singing its praises.

This small group of obese individuals does not state the facts for millions.  It is so important that these hacks aren’t allowed to dictate through these arbitrary studies what the facts are on our health.  Medical discoveries are vital to what we need in order to prevent and heal the problems that really are relevant to those illnesses that disproportionately affect the black community.

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-J.C. Brooks

5 thoughts on “New Study Finds African Americans Undisciplined and Addicted to Soul Food?”

  1. A scientific study nor research had to be conducted to know this was true. Watching the local news and reading your local newspaper verifies that black criminals are indeed unruly, uncivilized, and undisciplined. Too often hundreds (even millions) of blacks (and other nationalities) defend guilty black perps which does nothing but show support for a criminal and his crime. Yet, these same ppl complain about so much crime being committed everywhere in the USA. Well, what do you expect? With all your rallying around these savages, YOU are sending a deadly message to them that its okay to commit crimes. Y’ALL ARE CRAZY!


    As far as the soul food. Damn near everybody on earth loves great-tasting soul food. Some more than others. Doesn’t matter their color or nationality, food doesn’t discriminate nor is it prejudice towards anyone. People control their own diets or eating habits. And if soul food is part of their diet, so be it.

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