MORE EVIDENCE IS IN! Only George Zimmerman’s Fingerprints On Gun

The Trayvon Martin family is still living the death of their child every day with investigators continued efforts to prepare for the case with the most information they can gather from that fatal night in February.

According to MSNBC, more evidence has been gleaned from the gun George Zimmerman used to kill Trayvon Martin.  The DNA evidence proved that Trayvon Martin never touched the gun.  Zimmerman said that Martin was reaching for the gun during a scuffle with him. Now, if Martin never touched the gun, then something smells in Zimmerman’s story, right?

If you had to figure it out through a re-enactment, a scuffle with someone reaching for your gun would result in that person AT LEAST touching the gun, especially when the other person is tall.  Their arm’s reach would probably result in a tussle over the gun where the other person is actually pulling on the gun in a tug-o-war with you.  That is the picture that George Zimmerman painted for authorities.

Check out the full report.  Experts still don’t see this evidence as a bombshell.

-J.C. Brooks

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3 thoughts on “MORE EVIDENCE IS IN! Only George Zimmerman’s Fingerprints On Gun”

  1. There is nothing in the official report GZ made to police about a struggle for GZ’s gun. If he later embellished such a struggle to his friend Osterman who allegedly quoted him that there was a struggle, it wouldn’t surprise me at all considering the racial lynch mob after him sporting far greater distortions of reality. With a $10,000 bounty on his head making life in the US almost impossible to survive, it doesn’t surprise me he wanted to keep a passport hidden. The racist screwballs in your camp are frigging crazy.

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