Google Street Team is Caught in the Crosshairs of Detroit Man

Picture taken in 2009, of a Detroit home where it's possible a one-year-old child was murdered this year.

Detroit has had its share of troubles.  The city has been the murder and crime capital for more times than we can remember and the moments they have not been ranked in the criminal top spots, they’ve been overshadowed by corruption in city government. But now, yet another incident has put Detroit on the map…Google Maps to be specific.

In case you’re not familiar with the Google Street Team, they are the guys that drive down your street with a Street View Camera and take pictures of your street and house and track addresses for Google Maps and Google Earth.  One Detroit home can be seen on Google’s popular geographical tool to the world with a young man standing on his porch pointing what looks like a rifle at the camera.

Since it’s Google Maps, the address is given when they snap the photo as well as a photo of the house.  But one young man thought it would be a good idea that he point a shotgun at the car that snapped a shot of him and his whole posse chillin’ on the porch.  But the controversial picture takes on an even more sinister tone as information surfaced about a one-year-old, Zyia Roch-Quelle Alyssa Turner, who was found dead in a closet in the home in July.

According to the Detroit News, the photo was taken in 2009 and the city was not aware of the photo until now.  Kym Worthy is the state’s prosecutor and she is not willing to give a confident answer about the home.  She gave this statement through her spokesperson:

“Currently the case is under investigation by the police and we have not been presented with a warrant,” said Maria Miller, a spokeswoman for Prosecutor Kym Worthy. “This is why our office is unable to confirm whether the house in the picture is the exact location where infant Zyia Roch-Quelle Alyssa Turner was found lifeless in a closet.”

So far, the medical examiner has only given “incomplete” results and said that her cause of death is still “pending.”  The child’s uncle was in charge of her and several other children at the time that she came up missing.  He said he had only left the child for a moment and she was gone.

Read more here. This story gets crazier and crazier by the second.

-J.C. Brooks

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