7-Year Old Fights Off Kidnapper and Leads Police to Him (Video)

Seven-year-old A-nari Taylor, fought off kidnapper that attempted to snatch her four-year-old cousin.

Children cannot feel safe to play and roam free in their neighborhoods the way children of the 70’s and decades prior had done.  Like no other time, sexual predators and child sex trafficking are very real threats against them and now children are stuck in the house with their video games.

But one little seven-year-old girl, A-nari Taylor, in Miami, Florida, fought off a kidnapper that was trying to snatch her cousin a couple months ago, according to MSNBC.  Her mom, Tanya Dingle, said during an interview:

“She always said she wanted to get into Karate, so this is the beginning.”

The pint-sized crime fighter not only fought off the man from her four-year-old cousin Brandon, she was also able to give police enough information about their attacker to lead them straight to 39-year old David Moore, who claimed “God told him to take the child.”  She was rewarded by the police department with a SpongeBob jacket and a plaque during an awards ceremony for her.


-J.C. Brooks

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