Tool Company to Pay $325,000 to Rejected African American Applicants

Meyer Tool Company in Cincinnati caught discriminating against African American applicants.

Small steps are being taken to battle racism.  When more and more businesses begin to suffer the financial repercussions for their injustices against minorities, maybe they will begin to understand better how their prejudice affects the future of their business.  But in the meantime, the government will continue to hold their feet to the fire.

Meyer Tool in Cincinnati is the latest example of discrimination against African American applicants.  Meyer Tool is one of Cincinnati’s largest private companies and it manufactures engine parts.  They tried to prevent African Americans from receiving positions with their company and was charged for their actions. According to Cincinnati’s Fox 19, it was found by the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs that the tool company “didn’t give equal consideration without regard to race to qualified job applicants.”

The company has denied any “wrongdoing”, but decided that if they didn’t settle the case against them, they would lose even more money in the “costly” investigation.  Meyer’s attorney said:

“We made a business decision to bring to an end a very costly seven year-old investigation which looked like it could have gone on for another couple of years at even greater expense to the company. This was an investigation involving alleged paperwork violations and technical statistical analyses about which expert PhD statisticians disagreed.  Meyer Tool has made changes to its recordkeeping procedures and carefully monitors those procedures to ensure this does not occur again.  As always, Meyer Tool Company remains committed to Equal Employment Opportunity and diversity,” said Colleen Lewis, a partner at Dinsmore and legal counsel for Meyer Tool Company.”

Well if you were committed to equal employment opportunities and diversity, you wouldn’t be stuck with having to pay a $325,000 settlement to 60 African Americans that applied to your company.

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-J.C. Brooks

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