‘Prey and Predator’ Day at School Causes Uproar

It’s understandable that schools want to go into theme mode for fun around prom and homecoming.  Some of the fun themes have been royal courts, outer space, fairytales, and some that just have a memorable tag line like “onward and upward.”  But when the theme divides students into hunter and hunted, ummmmmmmmmm, it may be going too far.

Crookston High School in Minnesota took their themed homecoming activities over the edge with “Prey and Predator Day!”  The girl students were divided from the boy students and made into the prey while the boys were the predators. Well, some considered this to sexually target the teenage girls who are probably dealing with enough issues in this area already.  

The event went as far as to have the guys dress like hunters and the girls put on their animal print. Whew! A little risque for high school, right? Well, residents were not happy with this all and Huffington Post reported:

“The town’s residents, including Ileanna Noyes, were not so understanding, however, and were quick to voice concern over the school’s subtle endorsement of sexual assault.”

The event was changed to “Camo Day”, but Noyes said:

“Really, in this day and age, you think it’s OK to have the mentality of the men as predators and the women as pretty prey?”

The report also mentioned an incident back in March where Western Union Elementary School in North Carolina where students were told to wear “African American attire” or animal print for a Black History Month event and in June, Stuyvesant High School students in New York participated in “Slutty Wednesday” but students were protesting its new dress code, which banned “midriffs, visible underwear, shoulders and lower backs.”

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-J.C. Brooks

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