Woman Finds Ex from 12 Years Ago Living in Her Attic (Video)

Woman discovers ex-boyfriend from 12 years ago living in her attic.

Stalkers are relentless!  They can get really obsessive over their significant others or in some cases, people they don’t even know.  But, getting rid of an ex can be the worst type of stalker.

One woman in Rock Hill, South Carolina, thought she was being invaded by raccoons or some other wildlife that had found their way into her attic, but turns out there was another kind of wild life going on up there.  It was a man that she had a relationship with that had helped with home improvements on her home 12 years ago.  He had spent the last 10 years in prison and had only been out two weeks before he was discovered in her attic.

Tracy [last name has been kept private] sent her sons and nephew up into the attic to see what the sound was and that’s when the man was discovered.  He had stuffed her heating system with coats and blankets and had even made a hole to spy on her in her bedroom.  She told WNCC,

“And I know a lot of people are going to say ‘How?’  ‘Why wouldn’t you know?’ Believe me, it’s something out of your wildest dreams.  I can’t sleep.  Violated.”

They also found a makeshift bathroom which was simply an assortment of cups of feces and urine in the attic.  YUCK!

She must’ve been some kind of girlfriend!  He spent all that time in jail and then came straight to her house… 12 years after the relationship…unannounced, unwelcomed, and trespassing…ok, maybe he’s just a wack job!  Check out the report!

-J.C. Brooks

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