Man Beats, Rapes, and Taunts Philadelphia Woman ‘I Gave You HIV’ (Video)

Suspect in vicious rape of Philadelphia woman walks toward his victim.

The sick individuals in the world are on the rise this week.  Women can’t walk the streets in the day or in the night for fear of an attack.

One woman was beaten nearly unrecognizable in Philadelphia a couple weeks ago. He is still at large and Philadelphia police are offering a $10,000 reward for information that will lead to his capture.

A surveillance tape reveals the victim walking a friend to the busstop, then walking home.  The tape also shows the man walking up behind her from across the street and following her.  He pushed her into an alley near Frankfort and Church streets and, from what authorities believe, raped her for what could’ve been several hours.

Neighbors recall the woman struggling out of the alley around 3am.  She had been knocked unconscious by the vicious assault to her head and face that neighbors said left “blood coming from everywhere.”  The victim said that he said:

“I just gave you HIV.”

Other neighbors that were interviewed said that it was “a bad neighborhood”  and that this is not the first assault like this in that neighborhood. Please watch the video report.  If you know or have seen this man, please contact Philadelphia authorities immediately.

-J.C. Brooks

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