Whoopi Goldberg Has On-Air Hot Flash: ‘My Underwear Is Wet!’ (Video)

Whoopi Goldberg has a "moment" on-air Wednesday, September 12, 2012, with what she called a "hot flash" and Barbara Walters tries to stop her from any further comment.

The ladies of The View often irritate their viewers…ok…well, maybe just me…with all the loud arguments or simple discussions that end up in arguments that no one can decipher.  They might be actually having a discussion on a topic you want to hear about, but you can’t hear it because you have five grown women that won’t give a pass to the other.  They teach you that small element of etiquette in Kindergarten. “Ok children. Only one person can speak at a time.  We won’t be able to learn from our classmate if we all speak at the same time.”

But on yesterday’s show, we would’ve welcomed an eruption of thoughts from the ladies when Whoopi Goldberg had a little “a ha” moment during a discussion on the filmmaker that is in hiding because of his inflammatory depiction of Muhammad in the film believed to have been the impetus for the U.S. embassy attack in Libya.

Whoopi stopped mid-sentence and said:

“You know, I just had a big ol’ hot flash and my underwear is wet!”

Gross! Who needs to know that?  And that is exactly what Barbara Walters tried to say to her.  Barbara even felt that Whoopi’s revelation was TMI saying:

“We don’t need to know that.”

Whoopi seems to live in some bizarro land that I think she thinks adds to the show.  The flouncy clothes and clown shoes are getting more attention than her opinions.  She has to realize that the chair she sits in is tentative because in The View’s 15 years on the air, a few people have held that position.

Check it out! Yuck!

-J.C. Brooks

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