Dallas Man Kills New Girlfriend After She Reveals She Has HIV (Video)

Larry Dunn, 36, fatally stabbed Cicely Bolden, 28, last Thursday because he thought she gave him HIV.

It seems that having  HIV/AIDS nowadays is no less taboo these days than it was when it started gaining worldwide attention in the 1980’s.  Some have no idea that it isn’t as easily contracted as they think, especially with all the new drugs that are available to treat and prevent the virus.  And in most cases, men give women HIV.  It’s rare that women give men the virus, although it has happened.  But when people are ignorant to the facts, they tend to make dumb decisions…with HIV or anything else.

Larry Dunn, 36, is probably wishing he had the facts right now.  He recently started dating Cicely Bolden, 28, and last Thursday, they had sex.  Afterwards, she revealed to Dunn that she had contracted HIV within the last couple years.  He was so shocked by what she said, that he ran into the kitchen and got a knife and came back and stabbed her to death.  According to USA Today, Dallas police took a recorded confession from Dunn and he said:

“She killed me, so I killed her.”

Dunn thought that their one encounter was going to automatically give him HIV.  Now he is sitting in a jail cell because he didn’t have the facts and her children were left to discover her lifeless body.  Bolden has two children that are seven and eight-years-old.  They discovered her body when they came home from school at approximately 3:30 in the afternoon.

If he thinks she may have given him HIV, what’s the odds of infection on the inside of a prison for the rest of his life?  Check out the report.  God bless those children.  They will need all of our prayers to forget what they have seen.

-J.C. Brooks

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