Louisiana Gov. Attempts to Block Black Judge’s Move to Supreme Court Chief Justice Position

Justice Bernette Johnson will become Louisiana's first black Supreme Court Chief Justice after Governor Bobby Jindal's attempt to block her seating is denied in federal court.

There’s nothing worse than disguised racism that employees have a hard time proving exists.  Sometimes, the more they try to prove their case, the more suspicious they look.  Just like in sexual harrassment or rape cases, the victim becomes the accused.

But in the state of Louisiana, fortunately past cases of discrimination in government can be proven and used to help Bernette Johnson in her quest to rise to the Supreme Court Chief Justice position for her state.  But Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, is trying to block her ascension due to a technicality that really doesn’t support his case.  The state constitution states that the next supreme court judge with the most seniority rises to the Chief position after the sitting Chief retires….and that’s Johnson.

Well, the all-white court is in an uproar because Johnson was appointed, not elected, to the position of supreme court judge because of a racial discrimination case Johnson won against the state causing the court to expand to seven judges from six in 1994, according to the Huffington Post.  Obviously, she had grounds for her case and they were so significant that they made room for her.  But her time spent on the court cannot be denied.  She has served since 1994 and the person they’d like to seat, Jeffrey Victory (who probably won’t see any) has been there since 1995.

Jindal commented on the case saying:

“The issue on appeal is not who should serve as the next Chief Justice, but whether the Louisiana Supreme Court should be prohibited by a federal court from interpreting the state’s constitution.”

The real truth here seems to be that Johnson would be the first black Supreme Court Chief Justice and Indian American Jindal and the all-white court want to stop that by any means necessary by appealing the federal judge’s ruling in Johnson’s favor.  As Iyanla Vanzant would say, “Call a thing a thing!”  Is there any other way to look at it when both the governor and the all-white court are attempting to block this woman’s Chief Justice seat based on her first six years of SERVICE being an “appointment”?  Jindal we know all about the caste system of India and you should be ashamed of yourself.  Now we see how you were elected governor of Louisiana.  This is a clear case of racial discrimination and Johnson will likely prevail…AGAIN!

Read more here. Congratulations in advance, Ms. Johnson, on becoming the first black Supreme Court Chief Justice of Louisiana!

-J.C. Brooks

2 thoughts on “Louisiana Gov. Attempts to Block Black Judge’s Move to Supreme Court Chief Justice Position”

  1. Another classic case of “Booby” Jindal showing what an @$* he truly is! As if we needed any more Proof of his blatant prejudice against Women and Blacks!

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