Turkish Woman Beheads Her Rapist, Dumps Head in Town Square (Video)

Nevin Yildirim is facing charges for beheading her rapist that left her pregnant.

There have been some women who have been able to obtain their own outlaw justice from their rapists, but I doubt there has ever been a  case as extreme as this one.  This woman made sure that not only would she not be victimized anymore, but he would remember her name in the after life.

Nevin Yildirim, 26, is a mother of two from Turkey and she is pregnant by a man who raped her.  She is facing charges for shooting and beheading her rapist, 35-year-old Nurettin Gider. Gider is her husband’s uncle by marriage. When Yildirim’s husband left for seasonal work the attacks began.  He raped her several times and she is now five months pregnant, but abortions are against the law in Turkey, but she has the support of Turkish women’s groups.

Gider took photos of her with his cell phone and threatened to show them to her husband.  He also told her if she yelled during the attacks he would kill her children.  She must’ve been thinking about all of that when he showed up to her house for the last time.  When she dropped his head in the Town Square she announced to onlooking men in a coffee house:

“Don’t play with my honor.  Here is the head of the man who played with my honor.”

Nevin is a warrior!  Check out the report.  Warning! The video is graphic.

-J.C. Brooks

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