Md. Officer Pistol Whips Innocent Teenager with Gun…and it Goes Off! (Video)

Officer Donald Taylor pursues 19-year-old Ryan Dorm from a gas station store and pistol whips him.

The Trayvon Martin case has not gone quietly in the dark, although the reports have slowed.  There are so many cases of injustice that revive the case in our mind, we will never forget him though.  The latest case out of Maryland is so remarkably unjust that your stomach should turn when this guilty cop seems to actually believe he did his duty.

Officer Donald Taylor thought he was thwarting a gas station store robbery in Brentwood, Maryland, when in fact there was no crime being committed.  But even still, when he saw one of two teens walk out of the store, he pursued 19-year-old Ryan Dorm, drew his pistol and smacked him across his face with the gun causing the gun to fire off a round.  The video from a surveillance camera shows a flash from the gun when the gun hits the boy’s head.

Once again, there was NO CRIME COMMITTED in the store.  But Taylor, according to a statement he made via his attorney to CNN, plans “to vigorously contest” the findings of the videotape that clearly depicts what occurred February 3.  The video has just recently surfaced after the young man served four months in jail.  Taylor reported that the gun fired as he was being assaulted by the teen and the teen reached for his gun.  When watching the video, you will notice that there is another officer in pursuit of Dorm that must have corroborated Taylor’s story or kept silent because he saw  the entire incident.

Now you won’t be able to forget Ryan Dorm’s name either.  His family has already filed a $10 million lawsuit against the department, according to the Huffington Post. Several charges have been levied against Taylor.

Check out the report from CNN.

-J.C. Brooks

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