Man Kills Another Man Over a Bag of Cheetos?

David Scott, 49, killed Roger Wilkes, 42, over what appeared to be a battle over a bag of Cheetos.

What is going on in the world when folks starting killing one another over food?  And not real food, a snack.

Two men in St. Louis, Missouri, were mistaken for homeless men when they were seen fighting over a bag of Cheetos.  But the fight escalated when 49-year-old David Scott, pulled out his knife and stabbed 42-year-old Roger Wilkes, according to the Daily Mail.

Scott and Wilkes started fighting near the Convention Centre MetroLink station, but when Scott fatally stabbed Wilkes he took off and authorities apprehended him a few blocks away. Frito-Lay surely didn’t believe that their Cheetos could be that good and they probably won’t be including this in any of their ads anytime soon.  Crazy!

Check out the report here.

-J.C. Brooks

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