Lindsay Lohan Blames Suge Knight’s Son for Jewelry Heist

Lindsay Lohan and Andrew Knight, Suge Knight's son, are in the middle of a jewelry heist controversy and Lohan named him as the suspect.

Lindsay Lohan has surrounded herself with trouble for a long time now.  She’s so well known in her private life for being a party girl that has had multiple car accidents, drug and alcohol abuse, and an overall “no no” that no one connects with her as an actress anymore.  Now, she’s going the Winona Ryder route by stealing jewelry.  It looks like she might get some jail time for this one.

So now, Lohan has to come up with something that will get her off the police radar since she’s been formally named in the heist, according to the Daily Mail.  For some strange reason, she came up with the brilliant idea to choose Suge Knight’s son as her scapegoat.  Can you say: “NOT A GOOD IDEA.

The alleged theft occurred during an all night house party in the home of Lohan’s friend, Sam Magid.  Designer sunglasses, watches and cutlery went missing from the party and Lohan blamed Andrew Knight saying that he was setting her up.

Suge hasn’t had any real hits lately, but I bet you there’s enough BLING at his house to put Liberace to shame.  I don’t know Lindsay, as Jay-Z would say, he’s not the man to score points off of.  You might wanna pin this tail on another donkey.  Blaming it on the closest black dude is not going to help this time.

Check out the story here.

-J.C. Brooks

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