Couple Divorced 50 Years Ago Set to Remarry!

Roland Davis, 85, and his ex-wife Lena Henderson, 85, decide to remarry, Saturday, August, 4, after being divorced for 50 years.

Divorce hits a lot of families hard, especially when the couple that are getting divorce have been married for 20 years or more and raised their children together.  That type of break in a family unit is an ineffable pain.

But the children of Roland Davis and Lena Henderson of West Seneca, N.Y., are putting the pieces of their parents broken love back together with the exciting news of their upcoming nuptials.  That’s right! After divorcing 50 years ago, Henderson and Davis have decided to remarry and live out the rest of their years together.  Both of them are 85 year-old widowers with children that are grandparents themselves.

The wedding is set for Saturday, August 4, and their kids couldn’t be happier.  The youngest of their children is giddy about the two reuniting after all of these years:

“It’s every child’s dream, every child who has ever been in a family where divorce has occurred, that your parents would come back together,” their youngest daughter, Renita Chadwick, said Tuesday as wedding preparations were in full swing.  “We are all so ridiculously excited. We’re like little children again,” said Chadwick, herself a grandmother.

The two divorced 50 years ago and saw one another for the first time since 1964, at a family funeral in 1996.  Their oldest daughter Johnnie Mae Funderbirk, had been trying to get her dad to return to New York after his wife died.  He was quite open to the idea saying:

“I had always kind of had that in mind, mostly because of the children,” he said. “You never forget someone that you cared for at one time or another.”

Funderbirk, Chadwick and the rest of their siblings are senior citizens and nearing senior citizenship, yet this wedding has transported them back to their childhoods:

“I’m as excited as some 9-year-old whose parents are getting back together,” Funderbirk said, “and I’m 65 years old.”

The first time around the couple didn’t have a proper wedding and reception.  They got married by the Justice of the Peace and she went home and he went to work.  He was a hotel bellhop at the time preparing to go into the military.  But this time preparations include a church wedding and dinner at a restaurant, but still no honeymoon.  Someone out there donate this couple a honeymoon!  We’re going to have to get Tom Joyner on the line!

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-J.C. Brooks

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