Florida Man Shoots Neighbor: ‘I Only Shot A Nigger!’ (Video)

Waltpn Henry Butler, 59, shot Everett Gant, 32, in the face after he came to talk to him about cursing at black children in the neighborhood.

The racist skeletons are falling out of closets all over America. Various racist incidents are popping up all over the place.  We’ve reported on a black couple who couldn’t get married in their own Mississippi church, a man who was welcomed into Motel 6 with “Hello Nigger!”  Now this!

Walton Henry Butler, 59,  of Port St. Joe, Florida, was enjoying a normal day as a racist, cursin’ at a group of black children while also calling them a slew of racist epithets, watching TV and cooking.  But, his hour of white power ended with a rap on the door from Continue reading

Couple Divorced 50 Years Ago Set to Remarry!

Roland Davis, 85, and his ex-wife Lena Henderson, 85, decide to remarry, Saturday, August, 4, after being divorced for 50 years.

Divorce hits a lot of families hard, especially when the couple that are getting divorce have been married for 20 years or more and raised their children together.  That type of break in a family unit is an ineffable pain.

But the children of Roland Davis and Lena Henderson of West Seneca, N.Y., are putting the pieces of their parents broken love back together with the exciting news of their upcoming nuptials.  That’s right! After divorcing 50 years ago, Henderson and Davis have decided to remarry and live out the rest of their years together.  Both of them are 85 year-old widowers with children that are grandparents themselves. Continue reading

Black Man Greeted with ‘Hello Nigger’ on His TV Screen at Motel 6 (Video)

Joseph Ross checked into his Motel 6 room in Sharonville, Ohio, only to be greeted with an electronic display of "Hello Nigger!" on his TV screen, Friday, July 27, 2012.

Nothing is more relaxing  than that first moment you lay on your bed in your hotel room after a long trip.  The possibilities of relaxation are endless.  You might choose to jump in the tub next and get fresh and clean, but many opt for turning on the television to see what’s going on.

But Joseph Ross, of Dayton, Ohio, didn’t quite have that experience.  When he checked into his room at a Motel 6 in Sharonville, Ohio, to attend the Macy’s Music Festival, he laid on his bed and cut on the television to relax, but the exact opposite happened. Continue reading

D.C. Schools Encourage At Risk Students by Paying Students to Attend Summer Program

The drop-out rate in schools in America has been a problem for many years.  It has been an equally tremendous problem in pinpointing a solution.  But, it seems that one thing that young people have always responded to at home is being used at school…allowance.

In Washington, D.C., the public schools are trying out an experiment in offering students money to further education through a summer program called, “Summer Bridge”.  The offer is for those 9th graders that are identified as “less likely than their peers” to graduate on time according to the Huffington Post report quoting the Washington Examiner. Continue reading

Columbia University Prof. Hosts Great Debate on Gun Control in the ‘Hood (Video)

Columbia University Professor Marc Lamont Hill, hosts discussion on gun control laws.

The debate over gun control has been controversial and confusing.  The black community has one of the highest gun homicide rates in the country.  In a report compiled by the Children’s Defense Fund, the statistics show that for 2006-2007, the largest metropolitan areas suffered the most from gun-related homicides.  The report states that 67 percent of 25,423  homicides were gun-related.  Also, the report showed that the top cities during that same period with the highest firearm homicide rates were in places like New Orleans,  St. Louis, Oakland, Newark, Baltimore, Richmond, Detroit, and more.  So, that would insinuate that the black community, which heavily populates these areas, are not having a problem obtaining guns.

But, Columbia University Professor  and HuffPost Live host/producer Marc Lamont Hill, feels that the debate on gun control will disenfranchise the black community disproportionately.  He invited Trymaine Lee, a Huffington Post senior reporter, Niger Innis, who heads up the Congress of Racial Equality, Ladd Everitt of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, and the conservative radio host Steve Malzburg to the conversation. Hill didn’t find a friend on this debate. Continue reading