UPDATE: Woman Abducted Baby 23 Years Ago Sentenced to 12 Years

Ann Pettway abducted Carlina White at 19 days old received 12 years in prison for kidnapping.

In January 2011, we reported on the story of Nejdra Nance, who was really Carlina White; a baby that was abducted 25 years ago from Harlem hospital.  The parents of the child had merely brought their 19-day-old infant into the emergency room because she was running a fever.  The next thing that happened would scar and challenge their souls for the rest of their lives.

The child was abducted by Ann Pettway, who dressed like a nurse and walked out of the hospital with their child.  According to the New York Times, the judge handed down his, seemingly lenient sentence saying that the crime was not out of a financial gain, but desperation:

“This was not a crime of greed, this was not a crime of vengeance,” Judge P. Kevin Castel of Federal District Court in Manhattan said in imposing the sentence on the woman, Ann Pettway. “But it was an act of selfishness, a crime of selfishness” that he said “inflicted a parent’s worst nightmare on a couple.”

Of course the parents, Joy White and Carl Tyson, were disheartened and disappointed by the judge handing down a 12-year sentence because they both made emotional pleas to the judge to give her the most time that could be offered:

When he spoke, Mr. Tyson glared at Ms. Pettway and told her, “For 23 years, Ann, you had me suffering.” He said, “What you should get is 23 years, what you took away from me.”

But, their pleas fell on deaf ears as the judicial system took over.  Ms. Pettway made a  plea deal back in February by pleading guilty to one count of kidnapping which carries a sentencing guideline of about 10 to 12 ½ years.  The maximum for kidnapping is a life sentence.

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-J.C. Brooks

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