Popular PBS Artist and Mr. Rogers Shows Made Even Better with Autotune (Video)

PBS autotunes Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood with his "Garden Of Your Mind".

We all covet the PBS programs of the past that taught us so much about ourselves and the world.  We were reading with others on the Lavar Burton hosted Reading Rainbow.  For some of us, it was the first time we met Morgan Freeman on the beloved Electric Company.  Sesame Street is still a great favorite and we’ll never forget the man in the sweater that just loved his neighbors.

That’s right! Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood!  We all thought we could draw after watching The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross.  He made being an artist seem so simple.  The way he would  effortlessly draw a landscape in seconds always amazed us, but made us feel like we could do it too.  Now, the two shows have been autotuned by PBS and they are even better than before.

PBS' show "The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross" has been set to autotune with his "Happy Little Clouds".

PBS dropped all intellectual stimulation and basically changed The Bob Ross show to Bob Ross After Dark on us.  His lessons in art take on a completely different instruction with his words set to a jazzy, R&B vibe.  The Wrap reported:

“Give it a little touch, give it a little push/make love to the canvas,” purrs the Afro’d, bearded “Joy of Painting” host. “Caress it, very gently. … Grab it, lift it, fluff it/You can go and on and on and on.”

See what we mean?  Ross’s “Happy Little Clouds,” remix is the second in PBS’s series of autotune videos, Mr. Rogers’ “Garden of Your Mind” was the first to be autotuned and he has never had more swag.  Sounds like Pharrell was on the 1’s and 2’s .  Check them both out!  I’m a fan all over again.  Bravo to PBS for thinking of this!

-J.C. Brooks

Bob Ross’s Happy Little Clouds:

Mr. Rogers’ Garden of Your Mind:

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