Survey Finds Teenagers More Sexually Active, But Less Protected

The teenage population of every generation is accused of the most irresponsible behavior.  Once Rock & Roll hit the scene, parents felt it was the gateway to hell.  Then came the sex and drugs associated with the music and we never recuperated once crack touched down. But along with the drug abuse, the sexual encounters became more frequent amongst teenagers and never let up.

But now the rise of sexual encounters between teenagers and all those under 30, is rising without the use of condoms.  And as we all know, having unprotected sex leads to more cases of HIV.  The recent survey conducted by government researchers found that nearly 50 percent of the high school students that took part in the survey were sexually active and 40 percent of that group is NOT using protection.

That information throws a big red flag up because the Centers for Disease Control survey showed that four out of 10 new HIV cases “occur in people younger than 30.”  That is a big number!  But the study also found that black students are more likely to protect themselves even though there was a minor decline in protected sex from 70 percent to 65 percent in condom use between 1999 and now.

The other staggering statistic shows that 15 percent of the students surveyed claimed to have four or more partners. Let’s just hope they were lying and trying to impress other teenagers in the study because that number makes them more at risk than others because of the multiple partners.

Read more here about your nieces and nephews.

-J.C. Brooks

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