Trojan Reveals What’s Really Going Down in African American Bedrooms

It appears that the landscape of sexuality in America isn’t getting as explorative as one might think.  If you watch television long enough, you would think that everyone is swinging and swinging from the rafters (and/or pole) in the bedroom.  But nothing could be further from the truth.

The condom company, Trojan, conducted their annual “sex census” in May and it concluded that half of African Americans need a “recharge” for their sex lives.  The survey included more than 3,000 Americans  to find out how satisfied they are in their sex lives. More than half of Black men, 58%, agreed that their sex lives could use a “jump.” Half of black women agreed that they need a “recharge,” according to the Huffington Post.

But on the other hand, just because they reported they need a boost in the bedroom doesn’t mean they aren’t freaky deaky.  The survey went on to conclude:

“… Trojan says African Americans are partial to spontaneous sex (49 percent), having sex in a different place (39 percent) and talking dirty to a partner (37 percent). 70 percent are even open to introducing a vibrator every now and then.”

And one other finding that isn’t startling at all is that black men think about “sex as much as 17 times a day” in comparison with black women’s five times a day.

Is that true?  Seeing as how the survey only included 3,000 Americans, we need to know….what’s true for you?

Read more here and let us know.

-J.C.. Brooks

3 thoughts on “Trojan Reveals What’s Really Going Down in African American Bedrooms”

  1. Everyone love life needs a ‘recharger’ ever so often..what’s news about that? If things stayed the same all the time, then that would be a problem; None of this is surprising — so 3,000 Black folks took the quiz huh? How bout the rest..i never got no quiz in MY mailbox! 3,000 out of millions ain’t squat!

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