Lethal Injection Debate in Georgia Leads to Man’s Stay of Execution

Warren Lee Hill received stay of execution because of lethal drug debate.

There are plenty of inmates sitting on death row awaiting their fate.  Some of them have found a loophole in their case and their attorneys have been able to get them either a stay of execution or an appeal that would help them elude the death sentence altogether. But whoever heard of an inmate being spared because of an argument over how to kill him?

The state of Georgia had to offer a stay of execution to Warren Lee Hill on Monday because of a debate over his lethal injection.  Recently, the state changed its lethal cocktail from three drugs to one.The attorneys for Hill challenged the change because of it’s violation of state law.  Now that’s an attorney!  This loophole is a reach that actually worked out for Hill, according to MSNBC.

Since 1982, Texas Department of Corrections had been using the lethal three-drug cocktail, but announced last week that they would be switching to one dose as well.  But Georgia did not follow the rules.  In order to make this type of change there has to be a  public weigh-in:

“The high court said in a statement Monday that it would consider the challenge because such a change requires public hearings and a 30-day public comment period.”

Hill had been serving a life sentence for murdering his 18-year old girlfriend when he beat a fellow inmate to death in 1990, and had his punishment changed to a death sentence.  He would’ve been the first to receive the fatal one dose treatment.

Hill’s attorneys are still trying to prove he is mentally disabled which would permanently reverse his death sentence because federal law prohibits states from executing the mentally disabled.

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-J.C. Brooks

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