Shoplifter Evades Police by Running Topless from Store Guards

Aishana Clayton, 26, used her naked breasts to elude the store guards in a shoplifting caper in a Philadelphia Pathmark store.

Crime is going up and the thieves are getting dumber than usual.  Luckily, the bumbling idiots that are taking a chance at robbing businesses are getting caught because of their stupidity.  But, one young woman evaded police with a strange course of action.

Aishana Clayton, 26, was shoplifting a package of Pampers at a Pathmark store in Philadelphia when store officers caught her on camera. They approached her and notified her of their surveillance.  When they took her into custody in the store holding area, Clayton started kicking and biting one of the female officers.

The officer pulled her by her shirt and Clayton wiggled her way out of it and ran.  The agile shoplifter went jiggling through the store topless and out to the parking lot and away.  Her unique escape tactics helped her to evade the officers and, at the time of the report, she was still on the lam.

The clever gal is already on parole until November 2012 and “has four prior convictions for retail theft as well as arrests for aggravated assault and attempted murder.”  Good grief! This chick’s been busy!  Now she faces robbery, retail theft, simple assault, harassment and endangering another person charges.

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