Florida Deputies Shoot Wrong Man in His Own Home (Video)

Police shoot wrong man, Andrew Lee Scott, 26, in pursuit of an attempted murder suspect in Blueberry Hills Apartments in Lake County, Florida.

The police around the country seem to need an overhaul on their training.  It’s understandable that the job puts them in a catch 22 most of the time.  They are trying to protect and serve, yet they have no room for mistakes. Just like doctors, every procedure must be performed with precision and accuracy.  Because when someone is killed by police, they have to be absolutely sure they had no other option and that they have the right person.

Unfortunately, during a search for an attempted murder suspect Johnathan Brown, Lake County, Florida deputies opened fire on Andrew Lee Scott, 26, in his own home.  Police were searching the Blueberry Hills apartments for the suspect when they went bamming on Scott’s door. He knew he wasn’t expecting anyone and he answered with a gun. Deputies fired on Scott, admitting later that they had not identified themselves to him.

“When we knocked on the door, the door opened and the occupant of that apartment was pointing a gun at deputies and that’s when we opened fire and killed him,” said Lt. John Herrell, according to WESH.

This young man, a pizza deliveryman, was senselessly killed by police running a faulty investigation. There will surely be an investigation and a lawsuit against the department.  But, will any of this soothe the family that just lost their son?  No.  After all the money has been paid and the officers punished, he will still be gone and that is a mistake they cannot apologize away.

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-J.C. Brooks

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