Man Saves the Day on Chinese University Campus with Flying Kung Fu Kick (Video)

Unidentified man runs up behind mental patient in striped shirt that is unaware he is about to suffer the beatdown of his life.

Chinese Theater used to come on late at night and the next day everyone would break out with their best kung-fu moves.  In the 70’s, you would swear every black man had a class.  It got so bad at one point that Bruce Lee’s black canvas kung fu shoes were a top seller.  This era also added to the stereotype that all Chinese people could do kung fu.  But the latest incident in China has reinforced that thinking.  And not only that they all can do kung fu, but they do it well.

According to the Huffington Post, a mentally ill man went wandering around on the campus of China’s Guizhou Normal University on July 2, wielding a machete. But, what happened next was anything but normal.  It wasn’t long before students and other innocent bystanders detected his unstable behavior and took him down.  But before they did

“The man, described by police as mentally ill, stabbed and killed two guards with a 27-inch steel blade and seriously injured a third.”

The instrumental maneuver that changed everything occurred when Zhang Huaiqian, who has been nicknamed “Flying Kick Brother” by “social media users and the Chinese press” came flying out of nowhere and dropped a lethal kung fu kick to his backside.

“‘He wanted to beat me but he had to pick up his knife first. I felt that he was hesitating and I gave him a second kick,’ Zhang told China Daily.”

Once he got him down with that kick, all hell broke loose.  These guys went straight Compton on him.  They were brandishing what looked like chairs and sticks and just stomped him if they didn’t have a weapon.

Read more details here and check out the video shot by an innocent bystander sitting in their car. The ass kickin’ goes on for nearly two minutes.  Bravo to our Chinese brothers!

-J.C. Brooks

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