Jokey Joke: Woman’s Rendition of ‘Amazing Grace’ Similar to Sexual Chocolate’s (Video)

Woman sings "Amazing Grace" like you've never heard it before.

We all have seen or even know that special singer at the church that is completely tone death.  They are the first to volunteer to do a solo or jump up during any church service (because they’re caught up in the “spirit”) and sing loud and out of tune with the choir.  If this has gotten on top of your nerves, we are here to help expose at least one of the culprits.

Unfortunately, the woman was singing during a funeral and, to our knowledge, she was trying her very best to belt out what sounds like “Amazing Grace”. The video is titled “Sexual Chocolate sings Amazing Grace at Friend’s Funeral.”  So, don’t get mad at us, we didn’t make this up on our own.

But, once we saw the video, we could see what the person was saying about the similarities to Coming To America’s “Sexual Chocolate”.  At the end of it, I just knew she’d throw the mic down and walk away like Randy Watson played by Eddie Murphy.

Another intriguing element of the woman’s solo was the lack of musical support.  Since when does anyone sing ANYTHING in the church and they are not accompanied by, at least, the wailing organ?  Did she make a request to be completely solo?  Who knows!  But next time, may we suggest at least a tambourine to keep the tempo.

Warning:  We repeat! She is completely tone death and has no sense of timing.  Proceed at your own risk!

-J.C. Brooks

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