Jokey Joke: South Beach Tow’s Bernice Doesn’t Know Karate, But…(Video)

Bernice is a kick ass tow truck driver on South Beach Tow on TruTV.

Has anyone caught a repo in action?  To say it can get ugly is an understatement. The folks come up with the craziest stories about why they didn’t pay and even try to bribe the repo man to buy them more time.  But, don’t take our word for it, cable TV has put cameras on these real-life incidents.

Jennifer Lopez is the executive producer of a repo show called “South Beach Tow”.  It’s a family-owned towing and repossession business that has internal struggles between co-workers, the family and most of all the folks whose cars are towed and/or repossessed.

Bernice goes to the tool box.

One important member of the tow team () has had some anger management issues.  Nonetheless, she should be called The Closer because she gets the job done. Her name is Bernice…and she does not play…as one fool found out.

Bernice’s partner is a big guy, but he was taken down by a guy half his size when they tried to repossess his car.  He broke out with some Bruce Lee-like maneuvers and launched into lightning quick cartwheels and back flips, then went in for the kill.  But once he dropped Bernice’s partner, SHE went in the trunk!  Well, on a tow truck it’s more like a steel tool box.

The rest is whistling birds floating around the karate master’s head!  Afterwards, Bernice said:

“I don’t do Karate, I do Ka-razy!  I’ll fuck a bitch up!”

AND SHE DID!  Then she goes and picks her partner up off the ground and he gets back in the truck and says, “I thought you had my back!”  To which she answered:

“I was your back up! Didn’t yo ass get ‘back up’ after I knocked his ass down?!”

Check her out!

-J.C. Brooks

10 thoughts on “Jokey Joke: South Beach Tow’s Bernice Doesn’t Know Karate, But…(Video)”

  1. As Richard Pryor said in one of his stories “Boy, do you know who your f****ng with? Mr. Karate Man needed to keep an eye out what was going on behind him while he was being Mister Funny Man. He forgets that the tow truck drivers have his home address information as well. It would be a pity if the tow truck driver and some of his friends decide to visit him later and teach him a lesson. He deserves to be beaten to a pulp.

  2. RM needs to hold their Monterey auction in a larger venue. It’s nearly impossible for the public to attend, and even journalists have a hard time getting in, unless you have a major media organization behind you. You have to buy a bidder’s card just to get close to the premium consignments, and that costs a small fortune. At least Gooding issued me and my photographer credentials. They make some of it up on the ten-dollar hot dogs and the $100 two-volume glossy catalogues..

  3. So many pieces have to come together for the Fins to be successful this year, first and foremost Moore or Garrard playing QB at a high level.

  4. Just saw the Episode, Bernice should actually be afraid, according to the law, under any circumstances, if you attack a unarmed opponent who is no direct threat to you with anything, that can be classified as ‘ASSAULT WITH A DEADLY WEAPON’ even if its to protect others, in sense it could (not saying its impossible) even be marked up as Attempted Murder as she struck him along the skull, specially against a thinner part of the skull (most fatal hemorrhagic damage are formed from that part)… so even if the Martial Artist was a Deadbeat, he is in his right and should be his responsibility to Hold South Beach Tow accountable if she caused injury at all, and press charges to begin with.

    The Director/Crew of this Show need to practice more physical restraint. It can be funny and entertaining, but that is also poor business management

  5. What she did is called assault with s deadly weapon and it’s not cool. That’s why we have police, you get in your truck and lock the doors and call the cops and WAIT for them to come. I don’t think she’s a badass, she’s just a crazy lunatic with anger problems who’s so stupid she commits assault on national tv.

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