Asian Boy Nails Beyonce’s ‘Countdown’… in a Snuggie (Video)

KKPalmer1000 is a YouTube sensation with his rendition of Beyonce's "Countdown".

Beyonce is a full package, triple threat, that can pull off a show with or without back-up dancers.  If she hit the stage alone, she’d still bring the house down. So, if you want to take on the challenge of imitating her, you better bring your A game.

There is one asian boy who took on the task and met it head on.  YouTuber kkpalmer1000 strapped on a Snuggie and completely nailed Beyonce’s video for her song “Countdown”, according to Gawker.  He morphs into her and has fun capturing her background and every movement she makes.

His rendition on YouTube is a sensation and it appears that folks may love it more than Beyonce’s version. Beyonce could’ve saved a few dollars on her video had he known ahead of time.  It appears that his parent’s basement is just as good as her set.  Maybe I shouldn’t go that far, but I’m sure she would be proud.

Check him out!!

-J.C. Brooks

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