Microsoft and NBC Separate Giving Birth to

MSNBC has decided to become

We know that the EURweb and EUR This N That are two of your favorite news and blog sites, but we realize you tend to visit others’ sites to cross reference your news or partake in a different flavor of content.  So it may be exciting for you to hear that there will be a new site on the horizon or more like an upgraded site.

Microsoft and NBC combined to provide news through the name MSNBC for as long as you’ve been enjoying online news.  But now they are separating in an alleged $300 million deal NBC made with Microsoft in order to branch off  and make, according to the New York Times.

The brand was confusion between the two will end with this deal as NBC seeks their independence and plans for a few goals they’d like to accomplish:

NBC executives say they will bring the television and staffs closer; improve the digital distribution of their TV programs; and make more apps and Web sites optimized for mobile devices, a major area of growth.

All major networks and their news agencies are seeking to get a piece of the advertising dollars that are available for their digital and online subsidiaries.  Surely, NBC won’t be the last to experience the rush for independence and more independent money.

-J.C. Brooks

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